capacità progettuali e realizzative


    Plant & Process activities

    • Facility: structural works, civil construction 
    • Process equipment and S/S piping  building  and installation
    • Pure Fluids Production and Distribution (WFI, PW, CS, CIP-SIP) 
    • Process Plant  and industrial warehouse ( example : chemical storage) 
    • Lining and insulation 
    • Utilities and auxiliary services 
    • HVAC System 
    • Clean Room for both Pharma and Microelectronics industries 
    • Automation and Process Control 
    • Chemical Cleaning 
    • Derouging 
    • Firefighting system construction 
    • Installation and maintenance of air conditioned systems 
    • Handling of fluorurate gas (gas sera Reg. (UE) 2015/2067 e Reg. (CE) n.304/2008- Certification n° FGI07514°
    • Installation of fotovoltaic power generation field  

    Engineering activities   

    • Engineering  collaborative Consulting 
    • Integrated Process Equipment and Facility Design 
    • Conceptual – Basic – Detailed Engineering 
    • Firefighting system project  up to the  authorization 
    • Project Management 
    • As built design 
    • Material in coming check 
    • Welding check and qualification 
    • Construction of plants from scratch
    • Qualification and Validation according to  GMP or other industry guidances
    • Facility management and preventive maintenance