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Object of the works: Civil and mechanical revamping of rooms and plants to be destined to a new Q.C. laboratory.

he existing room (a raw material warehouse) has been dismantled of the existing systems (air ducts, drinking water pipes, air and water conditioning, drains), some external walls made of sandwich panels have been demolished and rebuilt with perforated bricks thermo insulated, were replaced with new fixtures suitable for the new premises. New installations have been realized above the false ceilings.

The premises have been divided by means of partitions with self-supporting plasterboard walls into 4 rooms, floors and walls at ceiling height covered with PVC sheets. The covering of the rooms has been realized by means of a false ceiling with sound absorbing panels, in the false ceiling have been inserted the elements for air diffusion and recovery and the LED lighting lamps. Included in the supply by GM the machines for air conditioning and air recovery in the rooms including the installation of power supply utilities (hot water, chilled water, hot and cold batteries regulating groups and post heating. Validation of the premises in accordance with the design criteria. The work was completed with the construction work done on the exterior walls, plastering and painting in the colors requested by the customer.

Work Performed

Supply and return air ducts

Drinking water line

Compressed air line

Nitrogen line


Electrical system for services and power supply of workbenches and hoods (including the supply of the general panel)

Testing and calibration of air conditioning systems

Project Details

Client: Opocrin Spa

Place: Nonantola (MO)

Category: Farmaceutica

Project start date: 11/2020

End of Validation: 03/2021

Contract value: N.D.