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Within its own corporate structure, GM Impianti has created the BMS Division devoted to Facility Management, aimed at helping other enterprises improve their performance, optimize profitability and increase profits by reducing costs.
The Facility Management of GM Impianti relieves its Customers of the use of human resources devoted to property management and related services, to focus them on Company’s activities.
With the Facility Management, the Client empowers GM Impianti its integrated management of ancillary services and activities not related to its core business such as: lighting, air conditioning, electrical systems, fire protection, cleaning, reception, security guard, porterage, space management, etc.
GM Impianti offers a full range of management services, with specialized expertise offering the most appropriate response to the needs of each customer.

The Facility Management services (Building Management System for building, space and people) individually provided include:

They include a series of specific management, operation and maintenance services for plants in specific buildings (thermal, electrical, hydraulic, lifting plants, etc.), such as:
– Management, operation, supervision and maintenance of facilities
– Planning and execution of redevelopment and regulatory compliance activities

Set of design, construction and maintenance services for green areas: from the surrounding green areas of health facilities or office buildings up to the full greenery maintenance of a whole city or a municipality.

Cleaning and hygiene services, sanitation, disinfection, pest control, rodent control, collection and transport of medical waste.

Activities supporting the customer such as internal mail management (mail room services), concierge and reception, access control.

Specialized activities provided mainly in health care: medication supply, integrated management of hospital warehouses, management of medical devices, hospital management, management and filing of medical records, handling and transport of biological material and laboratory samples.

Coordination service in a single process for all management activities of any obligations associated with ownership, in order to maximize profitability, in particular by means of collecting the necessary documentation for the service on maintenance, fiscal and administrative aspects.

Full management service for air conditioning in buildings: from operation and maintenance, to upgrading and optimization of heating and air-conditioning systems.

The Safety and Fire Prevention activity includes the supply, installation, management and maintenance of a wide range of products and solutions in the field of fire prevention and safety on the workplace. In particular, this activity includes:

Fire Prevention
Full management of all issues for fire protection and for the safety of property and people: from risk assessment, to design, supply and installation of systems and facility maintenance (fire prevention, safety, etc.).

Machinery Safety
Design, construction, installation and maintenance of customized systems for machine safety (standard protections for machine tools, soundproof booths, extraction and abatement systems, etc.).

GM Impianti is also able to carry out the activities of:

Project Management
The coordination and control of the design and construction of buildings and facilities, guaranteed and on behalf of the client institution.

Building Management
The management of the complex of activities aimed at verification, monitoring and managing the maintenance process for buildings or real estate assets.

Production of manufactured resin, concrete, light metal carpentry, precast products and components for industrial installations; plumbing works, works of painting and waterproofing; construction works from foundation to elevation; implementation of new constructions, renovations, maintenance engineering in general.